Support the Parish

As Catholics, we know that everything we have is a gift from God. Through the teachings of Jesus, we are called to be good managers (that is, good stewards) of all that we have been given — our time, talents, and treasure. We are called upon to cultivate the gifts we have been given, and share them lovingly, so that we may be accountable to God, our Creator.

Giving of Our Time

Giving of our time in Service to others is a powerful gift. Donating your time to an event or ministry at St. Lawrence can also be very personally rewarding, as you see the impact of your sacrifice. In addition to the many Parish ministries available, you may choose to participate with one or more of our parish organizations, such as the Ushers, the Daughters of Isabella, or the Knights of Columbus, to name a few.

Giving of Our Talents

Among the many gifts we are given are those that are uniquely ours: a voice for singing, a talent for numbers, a knack of organization, a gift for oratory. How can you share these with your faith community? We can help!

Giving of Our Treasure

Financial support is essential to the life and ministry of St. Lawrence parish. There are many ways to support the parish through your financial gift, including:

  • Use of weekly offertory envelopes
  • Use online giving with Parish Pay
  • Support of the Lafayette Diocese Fruitful Harvest
  • One-time donations made to the Parish for a project or fundraiser
  • Donations made through a will, trust, or other structured gift
  • Donations and pledges in support of our Capital Campaigns
  • Donations to our Parish Endowment

Whichever means you utilize, know that your sacrifices help make the work of our Parish possible!