footprintsThe mission of Footprints is to show God’s love for the world through the gifts of handiwork created and freely given to those in need.

Footprints is a group that sews, knits and crochets a variety of items including all baby items, pillow case dresses, walker pockets, chemo caps and scarves.  Items are given to various organizations such as:  Project Gabriel, First Choice for Women, Soup Kitchen of Muncie, St. Vincent dePaul Society, all nursing homes surrounding Muncie, Indiana, and Father Andre’s Orphanage in Haiti.  I.U. Ball Memorial Hospital and St. Vincent Hospital are both recipients of items needed by patients, as well as the Veterans Hospital in Marion.

Beautiful white embroidered baptismal blankets are given to each newly baptized baby baptized at St. Lawrence.

The sewing group makes altar cloths for St. Lawrence (as well as for the prison altar in Pendleton, Indiana).  Footprints also helps St. Lawrence during the year depending on the necessities of the church.  Items made for the church are as follows:  chair covers for Advent and Lent, kneeling pads for each liturgical season, liners for the collection baskets, and a window covering to prevent the sun from damaging the pipes of our magnificent organ.  We also mend robes for both the priest and altar servers, and have fabricated robes for young children for the Easter Vigil.

Anyone interested in being a part of this worthwhile ministry is encouraged to come to a meeting.  Knowing how to knit, sew or crochet is not necessary.  Meetings are held in St. Agnes Hall at 9:30 a.m. on the first and third Thursday, or as listed in the bulletin.  Homebound people are encouraged to participate.

As the opening statement reads, Footprints is serving God through works of love by giving to those in need.